Research into the process of spraying complex titanium and zirconium nitride on structural steel and reaction times relating to the final finish and quality obtained
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National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnical Institute
Czestochowa University of Technology
Publication date: 2021-07-05
BoZPE 2021;(1):71–76
This article presents a literature review into the current state of the theory and practice of spraying complex titanium and zirconium nitride on steel P6M5, as well as a study of the effect of spraying time on the structural and mechanical characteristics of the applied coating. With the help of microstructural analysis and the measurement of the mechanical properties of the sprayed layers, it was found that the size of the voids and their number per unit surface area decreases with the spraying time. The highest values of hardness and crack resistance of the coating were obtained during the technological process – 15 minutes. It was found that the duration of vacuum-condensation spraying with Ti-Zr-N alloy significantly increases the wear resistance of structural steels, and the best results among the considered parameters showed a sample with a spraying time of 15 min, this figure can be considered optimal.