Publishing policy
  • The primary version of the journal Constructions of Optimized Energy Potential (CoOEP) is the paper version with the number ISSN 2299-8535. The journal also has an online version with the number e-ISSN 2544-963X.
  • The CoOEP journal is a semi-annual edition, published twice a year; the first issue in June and the second in December.
  • Articles for publication may be submitted throughout the year.
  • Part of the fees for publishing works in the magazine are borne by the authors. The fee for the article is PLN 500 + 23% VAT.
  • The CoOEP journal belongs to the branch of engineering and technical sciences. The basic discipline presented is civil engineering and transport. Other disciplines include architecture and urban planning, material engineering and environmental engineering.
  • Articles inconsistent with the subject matter of the journal are not accepted.
  • Only articles in English are published in the journal.
  • The order of publication of individual texts is determined by the order in which their publishing process is completed and the importance and relevance of the subject matter discussed.
  • Sending an article is treated as an agreement to for its publication and placing it in an electronic version on the journal's website.
  • Two independent reviewers are appointed to evaluate each publication from outside the scientific unit affiliated by the author of the publication. A single-blind review process applies. Reviewers sign a declaration of no conflict of interest. The procedure for reviewing articles is consistent with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The list of Reviewers' publications is available once a year on the journal's website.
  • The authors are solely responsible for the substantive content of the presented study, its originality and information provided or any acknowledgements. The CoOEP journal takes steps to comply with ethical rules in scientific publications in accordance with the guidelines of the Committee on Ethics in Science and the Committee on Publication Ethics. Detected cases of scientific misconduct such as: plagiarism, ghostwriting or guest authorship will be disclosed and documented, including notifying the relevant institutions.
  • All articles published in the journal CoOEP are available on the journal's website. Published content is available free of charge for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license, Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).