Publication procedure
  • Preliminary verification of the submitted material by the Editor-in-Chief and Scientific Editors on the basis of compliance with the subject matter of the journal and instructions for Authors, the originality of the work, information on duplicate work and information about non-infringement of copyrights.
  • Checking information about the Author/Authors contribution to counteract scientific dishonesty, such as "ghostwriting" and "guest authorship".
  • Accepting and directing the text to the next stage or rejecting a text incompatible with the subject matter of the magazine, duplicated, prepared in a manner inconsistent with the instructions for Author/Authors, exceeding required volume or violating the principles of ethics in scientific publications
  • Author's notification if the article is rejected.
  • Designation of Reviewers in accordance with the reviewing procedure.
  • Developing reviews in accordance with the reviewing procedure.
  • Sending the information about the results of the review to the Author.
  • Correction of the text by the Author and sending it to the Editorial Board.
  • If re-evaluation is necessary, sending the amended version of the text to the Reviewers.
  • Payment of the publication fee.
  • Sending the text to the Publishing Office after obtaining positive reviews, taking into account the comments of the Reviewers and paying the fee.
  • Language and technical correction of the text.
  • Acceptance of language correction by the Authors.
  • Editorial preparation of the number.
  • Placing a number on the journal's website.
  • Sending of copies to the Authors.