The problems of classifying building investments in regards to the impact on the environment
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Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie
Publication date: 2020-02-28
BoZPE 2019;(2):117–124
Presently, the assessment into the environmental impact of building investments constitutes one of the most important elements of the preparation stage of an investment. Administrative decisions relating to environmental conditions are among the first that need to be considered in regards to investments with considerable influence on the environment. These decisions are binding when organisations issue later decisions and among investors it is seen as a significant barrier to the investment process. The reason for investors’ reluctance to obtain an environmental decision is, among others, an inexact catalogue of undertakings for which such a decision is obligatory. As a result, the requirements of a parliamentary act, included by an investor during the administrative proceedings, can be either accepted or rejected. The aim of the article was to examine whether decisions on environmentally-related conditions obstruct the realisation of important investments in communities. The practice of investment classification, with regards to receiving environmental decisions and assessing the impact on the environment, were also analysed. The research showed that the instability of the environment protection law and the inexactitude of its wording does not foster the creation of clear principles of this classification.