Information for authors
  • Part of the fees for publishing works in the journal are borne by the authors. The cost of publishing one article is PLN 500 + 23% VAT. The fee should be paid after obtaining positive reviews to the bank account given below.
  • Articles inconsistent with the subject matter of the magazine or duplicated and prepared in violation of the instructions for Authors will not be accepted.
  • The article should be prepared in English.
  • The authors are solely responsible for the substantive content of the submitted study, its originality and included information or any acknowledgements.
  • In the case of using fragments of publications, photos, tabular studies, graphs or drawings of other authors, the authors of the article are obliged to refer to the source or indicate access to the content of the publication based on the appropriate license or obtain permission from the author to use these materials in their article.
  • The authors guarantee that they have appropriate authorization from their employers or research funding institutions to publish the results of the work.
  • The editorial office apply the "ghostwriting" and "guest authorship" barriers and also verifies articles for the possibility of occurrence of plagiarism; detected cases of scientific misconduct will be disclosed and documented, including notifying the appropriate institutions.
  • The article should be sent to the online editor via the magazine's website from the panel Submit your paper.
  • Sending an article is tantamount to consenting to its publication, placing it in an electronic version (pdf file) on the journal's website and other repositories and digital libraries, in which the journal is archived and also to the use and processing of article content according to the rules of Open Access on the base of Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-ND, without a time embargo.
  • The condition for publication of the article is the submission by the Author/all Authors of a statement about originality of the work and the free of charge consent for its publishing and distribution by the Publisher and making necessary changes in it resulting from the editorial work on the form available on the journal's website.
  • The order of publication of individual texts is determined by the order of their publishing process (obtaining two positive reviews, timely sending of the corrected text after the reviewers' comments by the author and technical and linguistic corrections), as well as the relevance and timeliness of the subject matter discussed in the article.
  • The editorial office reserves the right to make editorial changes in the text.

Each submission of the article is carried out in the following steps:

  1. the title of the article in English,
  2. type of article (original work, review work, message)
  3. summary in English (50 to 150 words),
  4. name and surname of the Author/Co-authors, ORCID ID, their percentage share in the preparation of the article,
  5. scanned document of the statement with the Author's / Co-authors' signature,
  6. key words in English (3 to 5 words),
  7. domain of the article,
  8. sources of financing,
  9. suggested reviewers (optional),
  10. the article in the DOC or DOCX file in the appropriate format in accordance with the guidelines contained in the instructions for authors regarding the preparation of the article,
  11. generating a PDF file,
  12. sending the article

The program will indicate errors and deficiencies which should be corrected and supplemented. The article can be entered in several sessions, previously entered information is saved in the Author's account as an unsent article.


Part of the fees for publishing works in the journal are borne by the authors.
The cost of publication of one article is PLN 500 + 23% VAT.
The fee should be paid after obtaining positive reviews on the BANK ACCOUNT:

ul. Kasprzaka 10/16
01-211 Warszawa
Nr 06 1750 1211 0000 0000 0416 8728; kod BIC: RCBWPLPW.
with a note: the article BoZPE, Surname of the author (give the name of the first author of the article).