Energy auditing, certification and thermo-modernization of NUWEE buildings
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National University of Water and Environmental Engineering
Publication date: 2021-02-12
BoZPE 2020;(2):103–110
The National University of Water and Environmental Engineering (NUWEE) from Rivne (Ukraine) is implementing a program of energy efficiency on its own educational, residential and auxiliary buildings. The measures were implemented according to the following program: installation of 15 automated heat energy metering units; construction of a solid fuel boiler house; partial thermo-modernization of buildings; introduction of decentralized ventilation systems with recuperation; use of renewable energy sources; training and certification of specialists in energy efficiency of buildings and inspection of engineering systems; and provision of an energy audit. All this requires significant financial and material resources. Therefore, NUWEE participates in a number of grant and credit projects, and attempts to raise funds based on energy service contracts. The largest of these projects is the Ukraine Higher Education Project, which involves 21 universities in Ukraine. The main goals and preliminary results of the project are given in this paper as an example of the NUWEE subproject.