Criteria for qualifying publications

Criteria for qualifying or rejecting publications

Each article is directed to the evaluation by at least two Reviewers who are experts in the field. The reviewers signs a declaration that there is no conflict of interest between them and the author of the article.
Each article is evaluated in terms of:
  • compliance of the title of the article with its content,
  • compliance of the article summary with its content,
  • a new approach to the presented problem,
  • correctness of the substantive part of the article,
  • compliance of conclusions with results of tests, simulations or calculations presented in the article,
  • correctness of the selection and use of literature.

The reviewers can indicate whether the article fully or partially meets the criteria presented above, or fail to meet them or indicate a variant according to the comments.
Next, the Reviewers may provide confidential comments to the Editorial Board and detailed information/comments for Authors. In the system, it is possible to attach a PDF file with the detailed comments of the Reviewers. The Editorial Board are obliged to pass the reviewers' comments via e-mail to the Authors.

The review contains a clear conclusion of the Reviewer regarding the conditions of acceptance of an article for publication or its rejection:
  • the article can be published without making changes,
  • the article can be published after making changes indicated in the review,
  • the article can be published after making the changes indicated in the review and obtaining the reviewer's approval,
  • the article is not eligible for printing.