A study of thermal conductivity in multilayer building materials and products
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Vinnytsia National Technical University
Publication date: 2019-12-23
BoZPE 2019;(1):59–66
At this time, the solution to the problem of energy use, namely: energy conservation and energy efficiency is extremely important. Saving energy in buildings by solving the practical problems of reducing the total consumption of energy resources, is implemented through the use of effective thermal insulation materials, energy-efficient structures of external walls and a significant increase in thermal protection of the operated Fund. The actual solution to these problems is the development of new approaches to the calculation, design and manufacturing of insulation materials in wall constructions and how they are implemented. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the theoretical and scientific basis in order to make a more thorough study of the distribution of temperature within the material from which the design is made. Different methods of researching the thermal conductivity of multilayer structures and methods for calculating the temperature field of single- and multi-layered building structures have been proposed in studies of temperature distribution and energy efficiency improvements of building materials and products.